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An inspirational story about Bamby Salcedo, a Trans Latina woman, now a renowned international leader and Trans community advocate. At an early age, Bamby confronted entire systems of oppression that resulted in family rejection, police brutality, religious prejudice, and prison violence in Mexico and the U.S.

This documentary is a testament to what is best in our humanity as Bamby chooses to reshape her own destiny and that of the other marginalized communities.

This film will educate the public about the courage and resilience of Trans people in the face of adversity, and it will also reveal how connected we are through the shared values of love, commitment and compassion for one another.

This is a historic project as it will be the first film to document the life of a Trans Latina activist.

Dante Alencastre, award winning Director, notes "I have seen first-hand how Bamby's generous spirit, leadership and fierce advocacy has changed the lives of thousands of Trans youth in very concrete and positive ways."

Roland Palencia, Executive Producer, adds "Bamby's story is history in the making, and it will give voice to a vibrant and emerging community, and enrich us all."